How to slay in online learning environments

Online courses save drive time and perhaps classroom instruction time, but they take additional time for reading, studying, researching, and reviewing materials. If you’re a procrastinator, divorce yourself from that lifestyle stat. It’s not a good look, and will waste your time and money, particularly on the graduate school level. A solid graduate degree will require your very best effort. The key to successful online learning is self-control, discipline, self-care, organi

Deadline city: how to organize your time for college success

Welcome to the deadline zone. You'll need to embrace the idea of always having a deadline staring you down. As a matter of fact, the phrase 'I'm on deadline' became a regular response I gave to most friends' and family's question, "So, what are you up to?" That's okay, because it won't last forever. It didn't for me, and it won't for you. Several years of diligence (let's hope only four), then graduation, and a new life. This is in exchange for the prospect of working in a fi