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Avoid Burnout: Ditch Good for Great

Sometimes life can leave us feeling completely rung out. Way passed tired--weary. I have found that by the time that I've got the wearies, my body's check engine light has been flashing for a good while, and I just pretended that I could ignore it consequence-free.

So what gives? Am I just a crumby decision-maker, allocating time and energy to worthless things. Nah, not so much. I am a diligent person, aware that time is precious, and full of desire to have a life brimming with purpose.

But sometimes, I have said yes to far too many good things, not leaving any more room to say yes to the truly great things.

My granddad used to say that it usually wasn't the big expenses that tanked a budget, but that you could "dollar yourself to death" and go broke. He was trying to teach us, little decisions add up and can have profound cumulative effects.

When I was younger, I thought that if I could master saying no to the bad stuff, then I'd have decision-making licked. Now I realize, it's often hardest to choose between the good things and the great things.

So, here's an example or two...

Good thing: volunteer in my community Great thing: spend time with my son

Good thing: joining a book club Great thing: flirt with my husband over dinner

You see, the good things are good things so it can be tempting to just say yes to every good opportunity. But, I am learning that every time I say yes to something, it will require my saying no to something else. Time is finite, and I haven't figured out how to be in two places at once yet (#Goals).

How we spend our time is largely up to us. What's your system for budgeting your time? What are you saying yes and no to today?

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